Basement Waterproofing and Home Inspection

Every year we receive quite a few basement waterpoofing referrals from Home Inspectors in the Twin Cities. In todays' hot real estate market more and more homeowners are getting  a pre-sale inspection. Smart sellers want to cover all bases to assure a smooth closing on their property. Savvy buyers are insisting on one before proceeding with the sale.

Foundation Problems

Two words that you do not want to see on an inspection report. Almost every home has some settling and if not corrected can cause serious and costly repairs.

Black Mold

Surface mold in poorly ventilated bathrooms is normal but black mold that can show up in a home's basement or crawl space is an entirely different story entirely. It can cause asthma and many other serious health problems. Black mold can take a lot of very expensive remediation efforts. There's the cost of getting the mold out, but then there's also the cost of all the effort to make sure it doesn't come back.

When black mold is found in a home, it's almost always indicative of a greater , more serious issue. It could be present due to cracks in the foundation where water has seeped through.

Damp or Wet Basement

An inspector will check your walls for a powdery white mineral deposit a few inches off the floor, and will check to see if you feel secure enough to store things right on your basement floor. A mildew odor is almost impossible to eliminate, and an inspector will certainly be conscious of it.

Poor Drainage

Water needs to drain away from the structure at its perimeter to prevent water intrusion. Roof gutters and downspouts can sometimes be added to rectify site drainage problems.

Leaky basement?

Pooling water is the leading cause of wet basements.

The most common issue home inspectors find is the compaction and settling of the soil around the foundation. This settlment of the soil causes water to pool and seep along the foundation walls resulting in a negative slope that funnels water to the home, not away from it.

We quite often do basement waterproofing on homes just a few years old where drain tile was not set properly or the foundation was not sealed.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

There are basically there are two common soutions for solving home water infiltration issues.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

This method is very expensive and involves cutting through your basement floor along the perimeter walls and installing an interior drain system below the floor slab.  It involves cutting a strip 12" wide in the concrete for drain tile. This system will always include a sump and pump for removing any water which gets into the drain system.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

At AAA Reick’s, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are getting the best waterproofing solution in Minneapolis. Our company is fully licensed and has the experience to tell you exactly why water is pooling on your property. After a property evaluation by our company, we’ll work with you on the best solution for problem.

The vast majority of basement water problems is due to poor drainage. We can quickly find the source of your issue and create a solution that solves property drainage issues. We’ll include all of the details of the job in a written contract that our team will abide by. We take the protection of our clients’ homes, valuables, and health seriously.

If you are having lawn drainage problems, call AAA Reick’s Landscaping & Waterproofing today at (612) 369-6626 or use our water in the basement quote request form 24/7.