Heavy rains have caused a lot of problems recently for Minneapolis area homeowners. Many calls have been coming into AAA Reick’s Waterproofing about people finding water on basement floor of their home, children’s play area, or in the corner of the laundry room.

Regardless of where it’s found, water leaks causes millions of dollars worth of damage each year to homes like yours all over the Minneapolis metro area. Damages to the carpet and carpet pad, soaked sheet rock, stored items and furniture can add up quickly, especially if the true reason for your water leak is not resolved and after repairing water damage and your basement floods again!

Finding the root of the problem is important, otherwise your wasting time and money.

Most basement waterproofing companies don’t address the problem at the source, They inspect the interior of your home, the basement perimeter, measuring it for an indoor sump pump system where they will need to tear up your basement’s carpet, concrete floor, move the water heater, furnace, water softener and anything else that may be in the way, without considering the outside of the home where the real problem is. They wait until the water has already entered below your basement floor then pump it out !  If their system fails, and they often do, your home will flood again!

Our Basement Waterproofing System is a proven method that works from the outside of your home where we can pin point the problem areas around the exterior foundation walls and come up with a solution to to stop leaking in your basement.

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