AAA Reick’s waterproofing is a local, family-owned business, keeping basements dry for over 30 years. We employ some terrific people and here are a few of the things they enjoyed about working with our company.

Working Outside Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Let’s face it, Minnesota winters can be brutal. With deep snow and frigid temperatures that can chill you to the bone, it is nice to get to work outside on the beautiful days of summer. Heading off to the job site on a sunny 78 degrees spring morning is a blessing and it makes work more enjoyable. The day goes much better listening to the robins sing and smelling the fresh air. Later in the season, the warm summer days turn into warm nights and can provide strong thunderstorms that often flood basements, make our phones ring, and keep our crews very busy.

Working With Your Hands

Most people love to get their hands a little dirty. It is something we learned as children playing in the sandbox, making sandcastles on the lakeshore. Our crews use a variety of hand tools. Long-handled digging spades are used to excavate along the foundation wall. Scoop shovels work nicely for unloading soil from a dump truck and into wheel a barrel. We use a firm steel rake to spread the soil out and a heavy hand tamper to compact the work area.

Learning to Use the Equipment

Our workers are skilled dump truck drivers, picking up supplies needed for the start of each day and dropping loads of old concrete and other leftover debris. Chain saws are used to clear the work area of brush and trees. A high-speed concrete saw is often used to cut pavement. We incorporate a gas-powered plate compactor to compact larger areas that we have worked in. All of these tools should be used with caution.

Working Together

Our employees go to work each day with one goal in mind, do the very best they can to make sure the homeowner gets what they pay for, a dry basement. They achieve this objective by knowing exactly what their particular job is. Completing each task in the correct order and not getting ahead of the other crew members. Their cooperation with each other every day results in a job well done and a delighted homeowner.

Call our company AAA Reick’s waterproofing if you are interested in joining our team of happy workers or if you are in need of a great basement waterproofing company with a group of dedicated satisfied employees.