Everyone wants a safe and dry basement, but not everyone has one. Those are the facts. My job is to make sure that people who contact my company because they have experienced water in the basement receive the service they need. I take that seriously because I’m aware of the dangers that lurk in wet basements.

If you’ve ever had water coming uncontrollably into your home at 3:30 A.M. and had to grab a stack of old towels start using the wet/dry vac till the sun came up, you’ll know that you are at risk of having a home that can harbor molds and mildew. If your home gets a leaky basement the chances are slim that you can clean up 100 percent of the water, especially wet carpet and carpet pad. Leaving some to moisture to possibly be retained and start the mold process.

Some people will call a professional storm disaster cleanup company to help then mitigate their moisture issues. They can install dehumidifiers, big fans and a crew of worker to start removing the saturated carpet, carpet pad from the floors, drywall and wet insulation from the walls. You will then need new carpet and pad, and someone to repair the damage done to the walls. This all comes with a hefty bill as this type of work is not cheap. But at least now you may be able to say you have a dry basement. Until the next flood occurs.

Lucky for everyone because there are companies that can stop the water from coming in and end the cycle of having to clean up after each storm or spring snow met. Some companies are the kind that works from inside your home by busting up the basement to install a pump to pump the water back out. AFTER it has already entered your basement. And then there the companies that stop the water before it has a chance to get in.

The companies that stop the water before it enters are working in a different way. They approach the problem from outside the home by detecting where exactly the water is gaining access and then stopping it at that point of entry. It is common sense. When you realize that most water that leaks into basements comes from rain runoff after a rainstorm. You probably DON’T have a high water table. The water is more than likely NOT rising up into your basement but coming in from above. No sense in tearing up the basement. The problem should be solved from outside if possible. That’s the way it is.

AAA Reick’s Landscaping and Waterproofing, LLC. Works from outside the home and stops water BEFORE it can enter your home. It is a local company and has been waterproofing homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul for over 30years. Licensed, bonded and insured.

If you have a wet basement, you can’t go wrong by calling AAA Reick’s at 612-369-6626. Ask for Tony or Barb and they will set a day to evaluate your unique situation.