#1 What is a sump pump?

The ones you would use in your home are approximately 12″-16″ high by 6″-8″ in diameter. They are used to force water out of the house. They run on power from your electrical system. They depend on moving parts to eject the water from the house.

#2 What is a interior sump pump system?

That is the interior drainage system designed to catch water after it has entered the basement and then pump it back outside, where it just came from. It is installed after every necessary thing in its way has been removed around the perimeter, water heater, furnace, your steps downstairs. Then concrete basement floor has been jackhammered out and brought out your homes front and back doors or a basement window. The new concrete comes in the same way. It’s really quite a process. Please, try to keep the dust down!

#3 What is the exterior waterproofing system?

The exterior system is designed to work from outside your home. It catches the rain runoff before it has a chance to get next to your home’s foundation and into your basement. It may be a number of different methods all working together or a separate single procedure. All done without entering your home. Exterior drain tile systems, fixing cracks and hole in the foundation and applying sheet membrane, re-grading the perimeter around the house, repairing paved surfaces that currently drain the water back towards the house and many other common-sense ideas, proven to work in almost any given circumstance.

#4 What system should we choose?

Great question! In most circumstances, you will want to choose the exterior system over the interior sump pump system. It makes total sense to stop the water BEFORE it enters the home rather than try to catch it after it has already made it into your home and is now below your basement floor! No need for anyone to enter your home or break up the basement floors. Your problem can more than likely be resolved from outside your home with a lot less mess, headaches, and expense.

#5 Who in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area is qualified to install exterior systems?

One of the best outfits you can find in your area is called AAA Reick’s Landscaping and Waterproofing LLC. They are a local, family-owned business, located right here in town. Doing basement waterproofing for over 30 years. Call them today and they will send a qualified inspector over free of charge, you can’t go wrong for calling, CALL RIGHT NOW! 612-369-6626

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