Drain TileA wet basement is a problem common to many Twin Cities homeowners.

  1. Poor gradient around the foundation of the home. Water drains toward home because of soil slopes the wrong way. Rock, mulch or other materials often hide how bad your problem really is. A low deck also disguises the problem
  2. Bad pavement. Concrete or other surfaces may settle and tip towards the foundation. Cracks and gaps in concrete create a pathway for water intrusion.
  3. Cracks and holes in foundation walls. Over time, a house will settle and basement walls may develop cracks or holes that allow water to penetrate.
  4. Window wells. The soil around egress and standard size wells can settle over time or be displaced by tunneling rodents. They may also be set too low to the ground to add soil for proper drainage away from the foundation.
  5. High water table. This is a VERY unlikely problem. If water rises, it rises equally and would most likely make all 4 sides of your home wet at the same height and time. This is rare, as water usually favors a certain side or corner.

Gravity – We hate it. We love it. We WORK with it.

Water always obeys gravity’s commands.

Gravity causes water to drain downward. With nothing to stop it, water moves effortlessly, descending between cracks and gaps in paved areas such as sidewalks, patios, filtering through loose soils and toward your home where it pools against the foundation wall. It slides into any available cracks and holes in the block foundation wall.

Once the water is in the hollow center of the block, it drops down until it hits the footing – the base the block sits on. At this point, the water will start to leak in at the seam where the wall meets the floor. It may even start to wick through the block walls, leaving hard water deposits when it dries.

AAA Reick’s Landscape and Waterproofing has been working WITH gravity to keep basements dry for 30 years. We stop water intrusion by working from outside your home, keeping run-off water away from your foundation wall.

We have healthy safe and cost-effective solutions to solve basement water proofing problems.

If you are experiencing a wet basement. Call AAA Reick’s Landscape And Waterproofing today. We can fix your water drainage issues and waterproof your home from outside without the mess!

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